Saturday, February 19, 2011

Walking on the Wild Side


Quick!  Grab your sunglasses! 

Amy needed some new clothes today, and look what I got!

I couldn’t resist.  I needed new shoes.  My old ones were pretty well used-most of the tread worn off on the many miles I walk in a year. 

If I filled out a personality survey- and it was analyzed by a team of experts armed with computers-and a shoe recommendation was made-this is not what my result would be.  I am quiet-and a little on the shy side.  I prefer not to stand out in a crowd.  So, maybe something sensible-brown or tan perhaps.  Size 8.

But when I saw these-oh heaven help me! 

And at an additional $10 off-I thought they were pretty sensible after all.


  1. Now you KNOW you're going to find fun wherever you go in those shoes! :-)

  2. You are definitely rockin' the footwear! Walk on ...

  3. Thanks Guys!
    I'm ready to take on the sidewalks of Ellensburg!

  4. They are adorable. Sometimes we need a walk on the wild side.

  5. I think it's important to find a little fun once in a while! It kind of makes you feel that anything is possible. And sadly? I suffer from that same thing - shopping for my husband or the kids I almost always find something for me:)

  6. Thanks Tina and Kim! I was all ready to wear them this morning and then it started to snow really hard so I had to wear snow boots (again!)
    Soon though! And Tina-I agree, and Kim-we deserve it!