Tuesday, February 8, 2011

“Strangers on the Net…”


I’m a Facebook failure.  I neglect my friends-all 42 or so of them.  Some of these friends I really do care about, but for the most part-my friends are barely one step above the  “total stranger”  level.  Just people who discovered me when they were probably supposed to be doing something more productive.

Like me, yesterday.  I should have been sewing.  But I convinced myself that my finger is still in a state of recuperation, and besides, I’m a little afraid of my Singer at the moment.  If I get close to it again, will it try to pierce some other body part?

So I spent (squandered)  some time on the computer-making my usual rounds-eventually winding up at Facebook where I saw a few bits of news that interested me.   I visited the profile page of one of my  friends.  This person had close to 1000 friends of their own.   Anybody I know, I wondered?

I started clicking away, full of curiosity.  I came upon one nodding acquaintance  who had dozens of pictures posted-and I admit I looked at every single one.  Not only that-I started to feel like this person was my friend too, and I wanted to know more about them.  I smiled at the shot of Grandma feeding a goat at the petting zoo (while another goat ate a Kleenex out of Grandma’s purse.)  I shed a few tears over the photo of Junior’s high school graduation as I too wondered where the time had gone.  And I looked at the picture of the recently redecorated living room and thought to myself “ By George, I want a covered wagon lamp!”  (And I don’t do Frontier.)

What I want to know, is why does this happen?  Is it just me?  I don’t know these people, but I was utterly fascinated with their life-their ordinary life, spread out before me in a series of photographs.

Now, would anyone like to see a picture of my finger?




I received this very much appreciated award from the wonderful Move Over Mary Poppins.  Thank you so much:)

Here are 5 things I love:

  • Kissing my daughter’s sweet face. I know to everyone else she looks like a young woman now-but I still see her as my baby.
  • My Aunt Olga’s Ice Box cookie recipe.  I don’t make them often, because I eat too many in a very short amount of time.
  • My parents.  The older I get, the more I realize how lucky I am.
  • Hawaiian sarongs.  I must own about 25-but they are all so beautiful and unique, and they remind me of beloved Hawaii.
  • My blog friends-I really do love you all:)

I would love to know 5 things that any of you want to share-so please post the award if you like, (you all deserve it) and tell me:)

And if you have pictures-all the better;)


  1. I guess that's why blogs are so popular. We all love an inside look into another's life. ;-)

  2. And we ARE an interesting bunch!

  3. It's the voyeur in us all. I think the Internet has made it that much worse. I usually set my FB to private so that only my friends can see anything I post - including photos - and I often wonder why some people don't do the same, but let anyone in the world look at their pages. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned...ha!

  4. I don't have a fb page, so I'm never on the site!

    Congrats on your Award, it's always fun to get to know fellow bloggers like this ...

    I'll list a few things I love right here, if you don't mind ...

    1. I love the snowy days we've been having, they make the perfect writing day!

    2. I love a little beach I've been visiting all my life. It's a place where you can just step back from your life and become a part of something bigger, with all the sea and sky going on.

    3. Okay, okay, coffee :)

  5. This happens to me with Facebook all the time. And before you know it, the afternoon is gone and you haven't done the laundry or any of the other things on your list! I'm glad your daughter still feels like your baby to you. Being a newer mom, I always wonder how I will feel about them as they grow. I know I'll be crazy about them... Loved your list and getting to know you a bit better. And GREAT picture of you:)

  6. I agree Melissa-I'm old fashioned too! I can't believe what some people let the world see!!

    Thanks for sharing the things you love Joanne! I would have to add your choices to my list too:)

    Thanks Kim-clean laundry is overrated in my opinion LOL! And our kids will always be our babies-at least in out hearts:)

  7. Coffee, sunshine and fuzzy socks. Cuz it is winter. And I'm cold. I'll add cute pajamas and a soft robe to round it off to five. ;)

  8. Sounds good to me Tina. I love my flannel pants:)