Monday, January 2, 2012

An Iconic Bit of Happiness

kit cat clock

Yesterday, we took our tree down.  I’d planned to leave it up a bit longer, but it was really starting to dry out.  Today, I’ll finish putting the rest of Christmas away, for another year.  It’s these days-the post Christmas days-that seem to be the saddest for me. 

With holiday preparations over, and the new year welcomed, I know that Amy’s Christmas break is over and she’ll be returning to school, and it leaves me feeling a little lonely.  And the house, deprived of its festive decor, seems a little sad itself.

This year though, I have something to cheer me up.  My Kit Cat Klock-a gift from my mother in law.  I’ve wanted to have a Kit Cat Klock for a long time.

The Kit Cat Klock was introduced in 1932 by the California Clock Company, in Portland Oregon, and has been produced ever since. It’s even been estimated that on average, one Kit Cat Klock has sold every three minutes in the last 80 years.  In design, the clock has changed a little bit over the years, and  has also switched from a plug in clock to a battery operated clock, but it still has its iconic rolling eyes and wagging tail.  When the Kit Cat Klock made its debut in the thirties, America was in the midst of the Great Depression.  The Kit Cat Klock helped bring cheer and inspire hope.

I love that the Kit Cat Klock has been around for so long, making people smile for 80 years now. I certainly can’t help but feel happier when I look at mine.


For more information about Kit Cat Klocks, you can visit the official website here:

kit Kat

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  1. Now that definitely brings a smile :)
    I remember when I was just a child, our pediatrician had one of these clocks in his office, a happy distraction for the kids, definitely.

    Happy 2012 Valerie, wishing you a purr-fect year :)

  2. I wonder why it took me so long to get my own Kit Cat! :) I can see they would be a great distraction for kids!

    Thanks for being such a great friend Joanne. I appreciate you a whole latte:)

  3. I felt sad too when we took down our decorations yesterday. The living room seems bland and empty without the light from the tree. I can see how your kitty cat clock adds a festive flair. I would like one of those clocks too--but wonder where I would put it! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  4. That would make me smile too. What a sweet gift.

    Happy New Year. Hugs.

  5. What a fantastic gift! It would make me smile too :-)

  6. I love those clocks SO much!Happy New Year!

  7. I had a Kit Kat clock in my bedroom in high school. Sadly, it was broken when we moved, but I still have the parts in the attic.

    The days after Christmas are always sad for me too. Taking down the tree and decorations are probably my least favorite jobs in the world.

  8. Valerie,

    I can't believe you wrote a post about the kit cat clock. I LOOOOVE this clock. I gave my boyfriend one and it totally entertains me. It sits in my kitchen.

    Every once in awhile the real cat notices it and sit under it staring. It makes me laugh:~)

    Happy New Year to you. May it make you peace, joy and happiness:~)

  9. Tina-Happy New Year to you!!

    Lisa-it's definitely great for making me smile. Plus it's so cool!

    Desiree-me too, and Happy New Year to you too!

    Crystal-how sad your Kit Cat broke! I would keep the pieces too. I think you deserve a new one:) And yes-taking the tree down is one of my least favorites too.

    Sara-glad you have a Kit Cat too! I bet your boyfriend thought it was a pretty terrific gift, and that is cute about your real kitty:) Happy New Year's, my friend! Many blessings:)

  10. How fun!
    I need a clock. It drives my dad nuts that I dont have a clock in my living area.

  11. Ms. Givens-I was going to hang Kit Cat in the sewing room, but my daughter wanted it in the kitchen where everyone could see it. I think your dad should buy you one for your living room;)

    And Mary-you should get one too! It definitely makes my kitchen more cheerful, now that all the Christmas cookie tins are put away:)