Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Seeing Double, Seeing Red


As I was browsing Google for pictures a couple weeks ago, I stumbled across this one.  Not only is it a great vintage illustration, but the sailor looks an awful lot like my dad in his sailor days.  I know it isn’t of course.  This picture dates back to WWII and my dad would have been to young to be out with a woman like that, but still…it sure looks like him!  Is it true, as they say, that everyone has a double-even if it’s only on paper?

Bob on Guam

And last week I found a really cute vintage picture frame online. From the listing pictures of it, and the description, it struck me as a really cool frame.  I’d been looking for one so that I could display Amy’s school picture in the sewing room.  I’m in there a lot, and I wanted to be able to gaze at her sweet face while I’m sewing. 

The frame arrived yesterday-in a thin plastic mailing envelope, no less. As I feared, the glass was broken.  But that wasn’t what disappointed me most.  It was the presentation, or lack of it.  A bit of tissue paper and bubble wrap, and the frame itself was dirty.

Now I’m not bringing this up here to criticize anyone.  But what I want to know from you, my readers, is this-does presentation matter to you? I know careful packing is the most important element, but in my eyes, the frame would have seemed more special-more like an object of value, if it had been treated as such.  

When I ship out my bags, I try to make it an event for the customer when they open the box.  Nice tissue paper, a thank you card, and a little extra token of my gratitude.  Because I can still hear the voice of one of my apparel design professors from my college days.

“Presentation is everything!”

I like to think my double would agree.  Wherever she is.


  1. Well put ...make it an event --- I totally agree! I love to make someone feel special .. plus I put ALOT of time and effort into my creations {an I'm sure you know just what I am talking about!} and feel they are special and should be packaged just so!

    Love the picture and the photo .. they most definitely look alike.. but I must say .. men were so much more handsome back then ~:o)

  2. I was just wondering last night if I have a double somewhere. If you see her let me know. ;)

  3. I absolutely agree! When I was selling on eBay and Etsy, I always took great care to package my items carefully and add little touches--a ribbon, a little packet of sachet, things like that. I love it when a store wraps my purchases in tissue paper and adds a sticker to close it.

    I hope you let the seller who sent you the frame know how disappointed you are. I'm disappointed for you!

  4. I'm not any good at making things look cute, but I do try to at least use ample bubble wrap and such. I bet your packages are such a treat to open!

  5. Lisa-that's true about the time we put into our creations-it makes us want to present them well!

    There is definitely something about a cute sailor...:)

    Ms.G-ditto-if you see mine let me know:)

    Mary-I should let the seller know, but I hate confrontation, even when it is necessary. They need to know for their won sake so they know better next time they mail something fragile. And I love when a store does that too-it makes the purchase seem like such a treat:)

    Lisa-you know how to make one heck of a cute lunch though! I love your muffin tin Monday posts! :)

  6. Yes, I do value presentation! For me, I consider my bookcover to be a form of presentation of the story, and spent many hours working with the cover designer to get just the right feeling communicated with it. I want the reader to enjoy it from the very moment they see it. Plus, I think even the packaging is a reflection of ourselves, and how we feel about the contents.

  7. Joanne-often times I am drawn to a book because of the cover, so I can see why you so carefully planned yours. And it's so true what you said about packaging being a direct reflection of ourselves and how we feel about the contents. Excellent, excellent point!!

  8. Presentation is *always* important to me. I love a movie with beautiful cinematography, a book with a good cover, and a home with inviting colors.

  9. And that's why your customers will return again and again. You make it special.

    I know I love it when I get a package that makes me enjoy the opening of it as much whatever I've ordered. I think that's the child part of us we all need to honor.

  10. As a customer of yours, I know that your presentation is absolutely FANTASTIC. It was a true pleasure to open up your package and I appreciated it so much.

    Likely whoever sent you the frame was only selling it for the money - and had no ties to it whatsoever or no clue of the care that should have been taken with it. What a shame.

  11. Thanks Sara! I like that-the child part of us. That is so very true:)

    Melissa-thank you! I love you for saying that and it means so much to me:) If I sold vintage goods, I would see myself as caretaker and I would take great care with the items I was selling. You are so right in what you said!!

  12. I have no doubt receiving one of your packages is an event in itself. What a handsome young guy your Dad must have been.

  13. A little touch of "presentation" is going to make me remember the sender, be it a friend or a shop owner, and in the case of a merchant? Memory leads to repeat business.

    Seems to me you're keeping it classy. And acknowledging the value of your product.