Monday, January 23, 2012

Snow Day


This is our backyard this morning, only I took this picture before a dense fog rolled in.  It’s about 11 degrees outside.  Cold, snowy, and a perfect day for a day off from school for Amy. Only the school district here does not believe in snow days. 

It’s sad, because as a kid, I remember the excitement of listening to the radio and waiting for the much anticipated announcement that school would be closed for the day due to snow.  I think every kid deserves that experience.  Only once, since Amy started kindergarten 11 years ago, have the schools here been closed because of  snow.  And even then, the announcement did not come by way of the radio, but as a posting on her school’s webpage.  Hardly the same thing.

Do you remember snow days when you were a kid?


Friday, I went thrifting with my friend Paula, and I found these bookends.  I thought they were so fun, and they are perfect for making me feel like I’m on a sunny beach somewhere. Maybe I’ll use them to organize my travel books on Hawaii.


And then I found this little guy.  I went back and forth over whether to get him or not.  I found him both cute, but not cute at the same time.  I’d pick him up, and then put him down.  Finally I decided against him, and Paula actually said she was proud of me.  At the last minute though, I went back for him.  If I wasn’t going to rescue him, who would, I wondered?  I have to admit as I carried him to the checkout stand I put his little face towards me so as to avoid any stares of dismay from other shoppers over my decision. 

And now I’m so glad he is mine.  If you turn him upside down there is a name-Doris Thompson-and the year 1975.  I Googled the name for fun, and as it turns out there was a Doris Thompson, from Maryland. I found her obituary, and learned that one of her hobbies was ceramics.  Her husband died in 1975.  I wonder if he was a sailor?  Doris had many, many grandchildren and great grand children.  It’s possible, I suppose, that one of them ended up with this little guy and he somehow ended up in another part of the United States.  Pure speculation on my part, but it’s fun to imagine…

Now the question is-if he’s to be my mascot, he needs a suitable name.  Any ideas?

Happy Monday-and I hope all of you have a great week!


  1. Love the story behind your ceramic - I'm so glad you rescued him! He looks like a Chip to me.

    Brrrrr. No snow here still, but it's cold and pouring.

  2. We didn't have snow days when I was a kid in Denver. For a few years, though, we lived in Arapahoe County (Dave's and my home county now)--it was quite rural in the 1950s and 1960s, so they did have snow days.

    When I was a teacher in Denver, they started having more snow days, though, because Denver's boundaries stretch west, south and north. If teachers can't get there, it's a problem. They also discovered that parents didn't send their kids on snowy days, so it wasn't worth keeping the buildings heated.

    I love your treasures. I think your little sailor should be named Pete or Petey!

  3. Oh, I love following you on your treasure hunts. Those bookends are adorable. And a sailor? How appropriate.

  4. I love this post!
    I loved snow days. We havent had any yet here. Like Spring today. But when we do even my job closes. At a previous job if the schools were closed so was my work. Its too difficult and daycares close.
    I think his name needs to be Sammy the Sailor. ;)

  5. Valerie! The bookends are so you. I would name the sailor Pete.

  6. Popeye? The Sailor-Man? Toot-toot :)

    And I notice that his outfit is the same blue as your shoes in the photo beside him.

    We have so many snow days here, usually. Except this winter we've had no snow. But at even a couple inches of snow, the districts have closed up. They also often have early-dismissals if it starts snowing while school's in session. I used to love snow days. Such winter bliss ...

  7. I'm sad., in my country there is no snow :'(

  8. Lisa-cold and pouring rain are no fun! Hope it warms up there soon:) Chip is a great suggestion!

    Mary-I like Pete, or Petey too! In the district here they don't allow for any snow days, so if the kids do get one it's an automatic makeup day in the spring:(

    Thanks Tina! :)

    Ms. G-I'm ready for Spring! If we can't have a snow day-there isn't any point to the snow;) Love Sammy!

    Thanks Cherie! I think Pete would be appropriate:) It was good to see your comments-I've missed being in touch:)

    Joanne! I love Popeye! Classic! A few years ago we received 14" in one day and still no snow day! They are bliss:)

    djawa-I'm sending you some virtual snow:) Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

  9. No snow days!?!? That's just evil. And that looks like enough snow to warrant a snow day to me. In Georgia, that much snow would shut down the entire state.

    Love your bookends and the little sailor (and the possible story behind him). I'm liking the Petey suggestion for his name.

  10. agreeing with Pete! He is cute and the "story" makes him even cuter!

    Wenatchee does not do snow days either... but the west side does!!!
    My son has been on a snow day for the past week.. he finally goes today .. 2 hours late schedule. I think he is actually anxious to get back to the school routine! ... plus they will have to make up the time lost and doesn't want to be going to school in July!!!!!

  11. Katie-I agree. No snow days is evil! Every kid should get one every now and then-it's almost tradition:) I wish the superintendent was from Georgia LOL! Thanks for your comment my friend!

    Lisa-I just read your post and you guys got hit really hard! My thoughts are with you:) What amazes me about Ellensburg is as much as it snows nothing really bad ever seems to happen (which is good!) Thanks for your comment too:)

  12. Valerie,

    Sailors must travel, you know? I think that guy is adorable:~) He's got such a nice smile, doesn't he. I loved the fact that you looked the woman up on Google. Now that would make a good story...the connection between a ceramic sailor and two women....

    BTW where I live we never had snow days, but every once in awhile if the season was early or very late, we had hurricane days! I imagine snow days are more fun than hurricane days:~)

  13. I lived in New Mexico for 3 years, as a kid, and your snow day experience was mine to a tee! We would sit by the radio waiting for our school name to be called off, and as soon as it was, we would scream and jump around like crazy. Then we would rush to get our sleds and spend all day outside playing in the new fallen snow. Those were the BEST days! :O)

  14. I agree Lisa-they were the best! I really wish Amy would get to have that feeling too. I don't understand why they are so stubborn here!

  15. It pretty much has to have snowed us into our houses to get a snow day around here Valerie but oh are they sweet when we get one!