Monday, April 30, 2012

Garden News

rake and tulips

This past weekend, the weather was just about perfect.  Sunny, warm, and no wind.  Out in the garden, these tulips are blooming.  I planted them four autumns ago-when Amy was in the 6th grade. Her school held a fundraiser, and I picked out an assortment of bulbs.  Nothing ever came up, until now.  These tulips are so pretty with their ruffled edges and bright orange red color. The rake once belonged to my parents.  It’s one of my favorite garden decorations.

bottle garden

I was cleaning up my bottle garden and I was delighted to see that a tiny plant was growing inside the small green bottle.  It seems that Mother Nature improvised her own green house.  When it warms up a bit more, I’ll carefully remove the bottle and see just what kind of plant it is.


My free bowling ball is looking more comfortable in the role of garden ornament now.  In a few weeks, the surrounding plants will be tall enough to hide it, and I’ll be rolling it to a new location.  Now that it’s retired from the bowling alley, I wonder if it misses life in the fast lane? 


And finally, here I am in the rhubarb patch.  All the rain and sun lately has really made it grow.  A lot…

Hope you don’t mind a little Monday leg pulling! 

Have a great week, dear readers!


  1. Beautiful garden.. and there is "thee bowling ball"!!! I am envious of your rhubarb patch.. this is my first time in YeaRs without rhubarb. I made a fabulous Rhubarb bundt cake from the wonderful Hollyhocks & Radishes cookbook.. It is a surefire way to bring a smile (even to non-rhubarb eaters!) we had it with strawberries and whipped cream... mmmm.....

  2. ps ... I had to buy rhubarb .. it felt so weird .. I need to plant me a patch!

  3. Your garden is so green--way ahead of mine, and beautiful!

    Have a great week, Valerie!

  4. LOL over you in the rhubarb patch! Ours isn't growing very fast, but it looks okay. I was in the garden last night pulling weeds. Your plants look beautiful!

  5. I'm considering making a bed border out of recycled wine bottles, inspired by your bottle garden. It might be pretty in the sunlight.

  6. Lisa-up until a few years ago I had to buy rhubarb in the grocery store too-and it was so expensive! Thank goodness I found plants on ebay because the garden centers here didn't sell it-and looked at me like I was nuts for even wanting to buy it!

    That bundt cake sounds really good-I'm going to find the recipe!

    Thanks Dawn! And it's so hard to be patient in the spring when we are ready to work in our gardens... but our gardens are still sleeping:)

    Thanks Lisa! Weeds...they never seem to have a hard time growing do they!

    Tina-you are right-when the sun hits the bottles it is so pretty! You should do a border-it would be gorgeous! And post a pix too:)

  7. Your garden is so pretty and charming! I've been wanting to start one. Maybe this will be the year.

    I love all your fun ornaments, bowling ball included. The last line about "you" in the rhubarb made me laugh :)

  8. Your garden is so unique and interesting! I'm having a baby shower in early June for a friend, I'll have to refer to some of your ideas to decorate the yard.