Thursday, April 19, 2012

In Print


It’s funny sometimes, how things work out.  As I mentioned in my Monday blog post, months ago I was contacted by an editor at The Old Farmer’s Almanac, asking permission to use my photo of a glass light shade in an upcoming spring garden publication.

When the early March release date arrived, I started looking for the magazine.  And I looked everywhere.  I even looked in Hawaii when we were there over spring break.  And nothing. I figured I was destined to never know if my picture had actually been included.

And then yesterday, my husband and I were at Safeway picking up a few items.  I was holding a gallon of milk and a dozen eggs.  And standing there, in the checkout line, I just happened to look to my left.  And just like that, there it was!

The conveyor belt was crowded with the items from the customer ahead of us, but I managed to make room for the milk and eggs,  take a copy of the magazine from it’s holder, and begin to search for my picture.  With each passing page, my heart started to sink.  I laughed it off.  Just because I was asked didn’t mean they would really use it, I told myself.  And then, on the last page of the article where I expected it to be, I saw it-my photo!

So thanks for bearing with me while I crow about this, but I was pretty excited! 

Anyone want my autograph?  (I am totally kidding!) 

Seriously, thanks for your offers to look for the magazine for me-I appreciate it!!  :)


  1. I'm SO excited for you! Congratulations! And I'm so glad you found a copy :-)

  2. Thanks Lisa! I still can't get over the fact that after all my searching, the magazine was just "right there" yesterday!

  3. Yay! I'm so glad you found it! And when you least expected it, too. :)

  4. That's so funny--I can imagine the situation with the milk and eggs and 'bam' there it is. Congratulations, and yes, I would like your autograph :-)

  5. Melissa-it was a nice surprise! Murphy's law too-that I stop looking and then I find it:)

    Thanks Dawn-I was glad we'd run out of those two things-and that I looked left and not right! Tell you what-I'll give you my autograph if I can have yours:)

  6. Oh Valerie this is very exciting! Now it's documented that you have an expert eye for vintage!

  7. Thanks Kim! Your comments make me smile every time, my friend:)

  8. Ohhhhhh Bravooooo!!! How exciting!
    What a cute idea as well!! I've used them to stick in and around my flowers just for cuteness sake.. Love the candle idea!!!

    I am yet to submit work to Haute Bags .. I have one ready to go but haven't sent it in.. I think I'm afraid of rejection
    .. vain .. I know .. You have inspired me .. I think I will forge forward.

  9. Lisa, I am always terrified of rejection too-my sewing, my writing, my anything I create and put out there for others to judge. But I think you should go for it. Your work is really and truly excellent. (And I bet your garden is pretty cool too!)