Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Monday!

grape hyacinth

My favorite flower is blooming! 

I could probably say that all flowers are my favorite flowers.  Every time I see a gorgeous blossom I’m struck speechless by the artistry of Mother Nature.  Incredible.

But the modest grape hyacinth holds a special place in my heart.  I have memories of admiring it as a child as I would wander around the gardens of grandmothers, aunts, and my own mom.  I’m always happy when these demure beauties appear.  They tell me that the rest of my garden is starting to awaken, and that the riot of color that summer days bring is not far off.

Here’s another picture of grape hyacinths-not taken by me, but some unknown photographer who must have had an appreciation for these flowers too.


Another sure sign that warmer weather is on the horizon are my rhubarb plants.

We returned from Hawaii on March 24th.  It was warm the next day, so Amy and I went outside and decided to see if the rhubarb was coming up yet.  It was, but barely peeking above the soil.

Here is the rhubarb now, just a few weeks later.  It now measures about a foot and a half tall!  Our oven is going to be busy soon baking rhubarb crisp and strawberry rhubarb pie!


Last Friday, after one of the longest dry spells I’ve ever had at finding second hand pay dirt, I found this pretty little piece of mid century chalkware.  I already collect chalkware fruit, but this is my first piece of floral chalkware.  I haven’t decided where to hang it yet because it would look nice in several rooms in my house.  What makes this chalkware such a lucky find is that it is in near mint condition, and the flowers are so colorful and pretty they are favorites of mine now too!


And finally today, I need your help.  Last fall, I was contacted by one of the editors at The Old Farmer’s Almanac asking my permission to use my photograph of a glass light shade  in their 2012 spring garden guide.  My problem is that I can’t find a copy of the magazine anywhere.  I don’t know if my picture was actually used or not, but I’m curious.  If any of you have a chance to look through a copy, could you please see if my picture is included?



Have a great week, dear readers!


  1. If I see one of those magazines I'll pick it up!

    You'll be rolling in rhubarb soon. Mine is much smaller, but is doing well so far.

    Love those flowers :-)

  2. Thanks Lisa!

    In a couple years I bet your rhubarb will be huge too. I never would have believed mine would become so monstrous!

    I hope you have a wonderful week! (No more early morning fire alarms, ok?) ;)

  3. I must say that I don't know if I've ever had strawberry rhubarb pie. But it sounds sooo good!

    Flowers are just starting to come up here too. I saw the first tulips around town this morning when I went out. And today it's unseasonably warm here, in the high 80s. Here comes summer :)

    I hope you find an issue of the magazine. Is the bottom photo in your blog post the one they used?

  4. Hi 80's Joanne! My goodness! I hope you can stay cool-temperatures seem to be unseasonable warm this March in some places.

    I know you would love strawberry rhubarb pie, too:)

    And yes, the bottom photo is the one. I wonder...

  5. Ahh...rhubarb crumble sounds delicious! Send me some when you make it. LOL

    I love this time of year - all the gorgeous flowers blooming and the sweet smells in the air.

  6. Melissa-I have several old cookbooks with rhubarb recipes! I can't wait to try them all... I love this time of year too!

  7. Oh, I love grape hyacinth, too. We have a few little patches, but the house down the street has a whole hillside blooming with it spring!

    And how exciting that your photo was in a magazine! I'll be going to the store this afternoon, and will definitely see if I can find a copy for you.


  8. Kimberly-I only have a few patches too-the hillside belonging to the house down the street from you sounds gorgeous though! Hopefully both your grape hyacinth patches and mine will expand over time:)

    And thanks so much for looking for me! I appreciate it so much! :)

  9. You're right, Valerie, that is a gorgeous flower. I can't believe the magazine didn't send you a copy! Wished I lived a coffee date away to compare thriftstore finds!

  10. Thanks Kim! I wish you only lived a coffee date away too! We would definitely have fun:)

  11. I always enjoy your thrifty finds. And your garden.

    I have so much to learn about gardening. Thank you for introducing me to this precious little flower.

  12. Thank you Tina! And have fun with your gardening ventures-I knew next to nothing when I started, and I have learned so much. Gardening is such a rewarding thing to do in so many ways:)

  13. I love your floral chalkware! So pretty and charmingly old fashioned.

  14. Thanks Tracy:) Now if I could just decide where to hang it!