Friday, January 11, 2013



Dolores has been looking a little sullen lately.  (But then again, for those of you who have met my mannequin before-it’s hard to tell.  She always seems a bit grim.)  Her complaint?  I haven’t blogged about my shop on Etsy for quite some time.

Recently though, I came across a couple of “lucky find” tidbits that I want to share.


First off, this is my shop banner…


And these are the vintage red anchor nail head studs I found!

red anchors

They are perfect!

I’ve been adding them to the front of my zip pouches, like this…

zip pouch


And then-my shop title:

Handmade Handbags for Girls in Every Port

I found an old linen postcard with this inquisitive sailor on it, scanned the image to my computer and had a set of notecards made. Now I can write letters in style, no matter what port the recipient happens to be in. (I wonder what answer the sailor got to his question?  I think we can imagine…)


Maybe I should send my first notecard to Dolores.  It just might give her something to smile about.

Have a great weekend, my dear readers!


  1. Valerie! Valerie! Valerie! I love this post. I am so dumb!!!! You have an ESTY shop? DOH! I am heading there right now.

    Did you know we have 12 inches of snow? Yup.

  2. It's ok Renae! I'm not very good at tooting my own horn:)

  3. And 12 inches of snow! I should send you those LL Bean boots of mine:)
    Stay warm!

  4. It IS time for you to mention your Etsy shop. No wonder Dolores is looking peeved.

  5. I love Dolores and her anchor earrings :) So cool.

    Those anchor nail head studs are so neat! Looks really great on your zip pouch. Heading over to check out your Etsy shop now :) Have a great weekend, Valerie!

  6. I love the postcards. What a cool idea!

  7. Oh I love those note cards and the anchor pins are the perfect addition. You are very clever. B

  8. Thanks you guys! xx Dolores is grinning from ear to ear right now!!

  9. Maybe you should put Delores to work going door to door handing out your great cards advertising your Etsy shop. Those anchors ARE so perfect for you. I bet that made your day!

    Aloha & have a great weekend.

  10. How perfectly charming, Valerie! Always been a fan of your barkcloth creations...and those notecards are darling!!! I'd put one up on the fridge :-)

  11. Delores definitely looks like she could use some mail! Love the anchors. Very cute. Like a little trade mark .. and your banner is first rate!