Thursday, January 3, 2013


At the time, close to midnight on December 31, they seemed like such good intentions.  Eat less sugar, exercise more, spend less time online and watching movies…oh, and write a really inspirational blog post for the new year.

But we all know about that paved road.

I decided on January 1 that the best way to set the stage for the new year and my list of optimistic goals was to do a little house cleaning, starting with the kitchen.  Right away, I cut my left thumb badly while rinsing out an empty dog food can. Now on any given day, a thumb may not warrant much consideration, but mine, stinging with pain and gushing like a newly discovered oil well in Texas, had my full attention.

After a fumbling attempt at applying one of those Band-Aids made especially for finger wounds, I retreated, along with my useless thumb, to the sofa in front of the television-where over the course of the next few hours, I managed to watch about a dozen episodes of Ghost Hunters, wipe out half of the candy that filled my Christmas stocking, and do nothing more in the way of exercise than unwrap one piece of chocolate after another.  And as for writing an inspiring new year’s blog post?  My awkwardly bandaged thumb made it too hard to type.  (The fact that I was scared out of my wits while suffering from an extreme sugar high didn’t help either.)

Not exactly the stellar start to 2013 that I’d planned.

Today, my thumb is much better.  Most of my candy is gone.  Snow is in the forecast (shoveling snow=exercise) and in just a few seconds, I’ll hit the Publish button.  So my resolutions, it would seem, are not a lost cause, after all.

(Anyone know when Valentine’s Day candy goes on sale?  Just kidding!)

A belated Happy New Year’s, my dear readers!  I’m looking forward to keeping in touch with all of you this year!


  1. Haha! Happy New Year to you as well! Don't worry about not getting started right away. Sounds like you're working on it. As long as your thumb cooperates :)

  2. LOL, there is plenty of Christmas candy for sale in the grocery store still ;-)

    Happy New Year! Did you see my post Monday about the button jar? It was the sort of thing I thought you might enjoy.

    I've missed your posts!

  3. Thanks Tammy! I won't let my thumb get me into so much trouble again:)

    Lisa-What I crave is a nice fresh home grown garden tomato! I wish those were available now:) Our stores have discounted Christmas candy too-I think I've had enough;) I'm off to read your button jar post right now:)

  4. Ouch, I know that had to hurt!

    It's always good to see you posting; better now with your thumb healing and you recovering from that sugar high!

  5. Hey, you did better than me. I just put up a picture post. I haven't been able to write much lately.

    The week after Christmas is always tough. I'm usually a slug. It's like I know I should be getting with the new year's resolutions, but the couch and TV seem so much more attractive:~) At least you had an excuse!

    I'm glad your thumb is better, but don't feel too guilty about the beginnings of your new year. You still have 363 days to go.

    I look forward to visiting you during those days and wish you a very happy new year:~)

  6. Valerie, I had exactly the same aspirations--I ate not one, but TWO servings of dessert, finished off half of my husband's, lazed on the sofa for HOURS, and didn't clean a thing, for days on end!

    There is always Monday...

    Happy New Years, most wonderful writer!!!

  7. I knew housework was not a viable thing to start a year off and now I am totally convinced of that. I do hope your thumb is better. I do think this is a inspirational blog because I to ate all my candy and am looking for more and will not wait till Valentines. I don't feel so alone and guilty now. HUGS B

  8. Remember: every day is a new beginning. That's what I'm trying to tell myself. So all is not lost!

    But I do admit to eating my fair share of cookies on New Year's eve despite my resolution to eat less sugar... =D

  9. Valerie, Valerie, Valerie! Where have you been? I am sooooo glad you are back. Yes, I shall go clean my kitchen now, per your example. hahaha.

  10. You know what that all means .. after all that 2013 is going to be a BreeZe!!!
    All the best to you my east side friend!!! :o)

  11. You guys rock! I love you all!! xx

  12. Happy new year, Valerie! Here's to a more lucky 13 going forward!

  13. Thanks Cam! Happy new year to you, and here's to lucky 13! I can't wait to see what you come up with word wise this year!

  14. Valerie! Hahahaha, so are you addicted to cake, yet? In all seriousness, I don't enjoy cake. I am more a pie person. But, I love to talk about cake; this is as easy as cake, etc.

    You are a fun blog buddy. I am so glad you are here. (hug)

  15. aaaawwwww...sorry about your thumb, its impossible to get work done with an injured hand...but glad to hear its better.

    I can't say I've been very productive either.
    We had lots of company in December and by the time January rolled around, I was ready to just 'veg' on the couch. :)
    Starting to get back into the swing of things now, though.