Monday, January 7, 2013

Snow Day? No Way!


Happy Monday, dear readers! 

The day here in Ellensburg started off with a good old fashioned blizzard, and  I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot of shoveling later on!  Unfortunately for Amy, school is open.  Only once in the last 12 years has she gotten to enjoy an actual “snow day” and even then, schools closed due to icy roads and not snow accumulation.  Unbelievably, not even a 14” snowfall was enough to warrant a day off back when Amy was in the first grade.  But she’s wearing a new sweater today-and that helps takes the edge off of her disappointment a little.

What’s the weather like where you are?  If you live where it snows, does everything come to a standstill, or is it business as usual, like it is here?

I guess I’d better go put on my boots. 

You know what, I really think I should have a little chocolate first…


Have a great day!!


  1. Valerie! I knew you were in eastern WA, but Ellensburg? I used to live Monroe and Everett in Snohomish County a long time ago ('78-'82). When it snowed when I lived there they would cancel school, for only a skiff of snow. Here in Utah, I have only seen one snow day ever (Jan 93) We had like 2 feet of snow during the night and the buses couldn't run. Ya!

    Thanks for your fun words to me. You made my day!!!! :D

  2. We used to get snow days pretty easy back when I was in school. If we got 3-4 inches, we were usually off the following day! My husband is a teacher and they get off for snow all the time because the school is in a rural area so it's hard for the kids to get there if it snows.

    So I'd say snow pretty much grinds everything to a halt here in SE Missouri!

  3. Ha, if we got 14 inches of snow, our schools would be closed for a WEEK!

    Poor Amy. I know she generally likes school at least.

  4., Valerie, it's off to that bikini body, in no time flat you'll be in tip-top shape. :-)

    We are getting a cold snap, and I am freezing!

  5. I'm amazed when they call off school here in the city - but they do it usually when we get quite a bit of snow, or have blizzard conditions. My daughter had a snow day right before Christmas break, but she loves school so much that she wasn't even happy. LOL

    It's in the low 40s today. Not too bad, but the office was roasting when I got to work.

    You should ALWAYS have chocolate first... =D

  6. let me say .. I am so glad you don't have to shovel rain!! .. :o)

    We were in Wenatchee 2 years & even in the worst conditions they never closed school. On the west side where it isn't really that bad.. we have already had a 2 hour delay and a snow day.. and it is a VERY mild winter... go figure????

    Enjoy your winter wonderland!

  7. I know how she feels...back when I was in school, they only closed our schools once, and that was for a major blizzard.
    But in recent years, I think they've gotten a bit more reasonable. Driving on hills in snow is dangerous, and here in Cincy you can't get anywhere without encountering a big hill.

    Kimberly :)

  8. Okay, today it is gloomy, but the high is expected to around 70 degrees. I'm bit envious of those of you with snow. Not that I'd know what do with it, but somehow still having flowers blooming seems like cheating winter:~)

    I'm one of those people who likes the season changes. I want to put on my sweaters that have been packed away. Instead, I'm still wearing my flip-flops. LOL

    Enjoy your snow days. I love the picture, by the way!