Friday, March 22, 2013

At Home By the Sea


I’m back from our long weekend at the Oregon Coast, and I have so much to tell you!  Once again, my inlaws generously allowed us the use of their new home in Depoe Bay-home to the world’s smallest harbor.

File:Depoe Bay entrance sign P1905.jpeg

(Photo sourced from internet)

We visited nearby Beverly Beach several times-for long walks and beachcombing.  I found the rock formations to be incredibly interesting as well!



I saw a tiki face in this particular formation-and Amy saw a skull with part of the skeleton attached…



Amy had fun jumping from one rock to another, and Willow did too-until she landed in a deep puddle and had to be hauled out, soaked and shivering.  I spared her the humiliation of having her picture taken…



I loved this photo of Amy and her reflection.  This beautiful child of mine has the most uncanny knack for dressing in harmony with her surroundings.   Her jacket matched the water and sky so well I sometimes mistook her for part of the lovely scenery!



This formation reminded both of us of a huge crab claw.



And these rocks have a definite volcanic look to them. Studying the geological history of this beach would be extremely interesting.



At first glance I thought this must be a manmade arrangement of stones, but once again it turned out to be the handiwork of Mother Nature.  I’m simply at a loss for words!



It’s been two years since the devastating tsunami struck Japan, and debris from that catastrophe is still washing ashore all along west coast beaches.  Stuart found this green bottle with Japanese writing on it, and I decided it would make an interesting addition to my outdoor “bottle garden”.  Debris like this can have a negative impact on local marine life because of the highly invasive non native species of plants and animals that have hitched a ride clear across the Pacific.   You can see some small creatures attached near the bottle cap. 

The rock containing shell fragments is one I picked up because I admired the contrast of colors and textures.



I bought this trio of glass fishing floats at a souvenir shop.  They are for decoration only, but every once in a while the real thing-highly collectible and worth a bit of money-washes up on the beach. I hung my floats on the front porch where I’m reminded of the sea every time I look at them.

glass floats


Some other shells, pieces of beach glass, and agates that the three of us found.  I put them in an old fish bowl.



During this visit we were lucky to see a variety of wildlife, such as groups of seals, whale spouts from migrating wales as they swam far out at sea, and these birds-clinging to the rock face just yards above the pounding surf. 



And then there was Kona.  With a tennis ball to play with, and a stretch of nice wet sand, she was completely at home on the beach. 


I think we need to go back.


  1. You need to go back and you should really bring a close blogger friend if you can think of anyone (me me:))
    Your Amy is a beautiful as the sky and the ocean behind as you clearly show in those photos. I cannot imagine the fun you both had there maybe just a little when my Melissa and I were in Victoria BC last year there is truly no where more special than on the water and mountains help. LOVE your trip (pick me:) B

  2. Sounds like more than just a great vacation. Beautiful photos! So, when are you going to start PAINTING all this fabulous scenery!
    Glad you had a great time with your daughter. Hopefully you can go back again soon.


    1. Lisa, if I had even a fraction of your talent I'd try! I'd love to see what you'd come up with:)

  3. That settles it. I am coming to visit you very soon and would you pretty, pretty please take me to the beach? :)

    1. Melissa, I wish you would:)

    2. I really want to some time. Once hubby is finished with school and we can get a bit better off financially, I want to come and see you!

    3. That would be so much fun!!! I'm counting on it!

  4. It is so gorgeous there! My rhubarb is up but no signs of asparagus.

    1. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

  5. hey Valerie!!! I love all those interesting photos! and ...thank you for the prize of Hawaiian postcards. They are so cooooool. They are bigger than I pictured. Now I really need to go to Hawaii! Can you believe I've never been? You are so nice to me. Your comments are always so fun and full of your fun personality. I love it!!!

    1. I'm so glad you like them Renae! You would love Hawaii:) And ditto!!

  6. I love the photos! Those rock formations are so neat. Looks like you had a nice time :)

  7. Sounds like a wonderful place! I bought a pair of glass fishing floats off of Etsy awhile ago but hope one day to scour the coast and find one on a beach. I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend, it sure looks like you did!