Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 5

Sunday Palm

Happy Sunday!

Today, I want all of you to find a palm tree, real or imaginary, to sit under.  Read, work on that novel, sketch, contemplate, or dream…but do something that helps you reaffirm your passion for the things in your life that mean the most to you.

And while I’m at it-thanks again to all of you for taking the time to read what I write, and stay connected with me through my blog, and your blogs, too.  I appreciate every single one of you:)


  1. Not a bad idea. That palm tree looks just about right ... a little bit of sun, a bit of shade, calm waters and a clear horizon. I'd spend the afternoon contemplating, which has a way of bringing me the best writing ideas. Happy Sunday, Valerie!

  2. Joanne-I hope you had a wonderful day! You too Lisa, and you too Sandra!

    It was perfect here-I couldn't have asked for a nicer day:)

  3. I love that image of sitting underneath a palm and writing the old fashioned way. Pen and paper. I'm so grateful to have met you and always love reading your posts!