Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Father’s Coat

This is a repost from almost two years ago, but it’s fitting for today too,  I think.  Happy Father’s Day Daddy!


As the leaves start to blow across another autumn and the days get cooler, I start wearing my father’s coat. My father bought this coat—a striking jacket in a dark blue, black and green plaid with woven leather buttons and faux sheepskin lining—back in 1965. The tag inside the collar says “Lakeland Sportswear. Styled in Wisconsin.” It’s a cool, vintage coat—the kind I wish men still wore.

At some point my younger sister ended up with it, and it didn’t become mine until a few years ago when she asked me if I wanted it. “Oh yes!” I said—I’d longed to have it for the longest time.

As I mentioned before, I’d always thought it was a pretty cool coat. I liked it because it was vintage, and it was a great style. I loved the beautiful plaid fabric it was made from, and the neat buttons on it. And once it became mine, I added something else to this list—I loved it most of all because it had belonged to my dad and he had worn it.  You see, after overcoming some trying times in my younger days when my father and I were at odds with each other, I was lucky enough to eventually realize just how wonderful my dad is.

I love wearing my father’s coat. It’s nice and warm and gives me a certain pride too-pride in knowing that I am like my dad in more ways than I ever dreamed I would care to admit. And I wonder too…how he could have known all those years ago, that when he picked out this coat it would become MY favorite some day.

Thanks Dad. I love you!


  1. I just love the coat-but it's starting to show it's age a bit. I guess for 46, that's pretty good! I wish a new coat would be made to last as long!

  2. What a sweet post ... We travel quite a journey with our loved ones. Hope you had a great day!

  3. Thank you so much Joanne-and I hope you had a great day too!! :)

  4. That coat is extra special because of the differences you and your Dad had in the early years. :-)

  5. That is so true Melissa-it makes it all the more meaningful to have, and wear:)

  6. Wow, what a beautiful tribute. Your love of history personal and not touches me very much. We should all be so lucky to raise children like you. I hope someday that my boys treasure me this way.

  7. They will Kim-I am certain of that:) And thanks for your sweet comment here.