Monday, June 13, 2011

A Walk Through My Garden


Will you come along with me?  I’d love to have the pleasure of your company!


Purple Columbine and pink Thrift.


A  lovely stepping stone made by my mother in law.  Lots of Iris and Daisies too.


There are two garden benches in my garden-perfect for relaxing after a hard day pulling weeds, or contemplating pulling weeds…


We salvaged lots of rocks to outline the flower beds-and used recycled old brick for a path.



This curious plant  (possibly a Yarrow)  produces flowers that are both light pink and dark pink! 






Until next time!

Now tell me, what is your favorite flower?

(P.S.  Here is a before photo of what the back looked like when we moved in four and a half years ago!)


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  1. Such a beautiful garden. Much prettier than my old mess ;-)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Perfect place to journal, too, or just sit and listen to nature. Lovely, lovely.

    My favorite flower is the blue morning glory. I just love the rich color of it.

  3. Thanks Lisa-and don't feel bad-you have your hands full with little ones right now. There is certainly more time when kids get older (and can help out, too!)

    Thanks Melissa! It is a haven:) I love blue morning glories too:)

  4. Ooh! It's beautiful! I would love to sit on that bench and talk 1940's with you. ;)

  5. Courtney-wouldn't that be fun!

  6. WOW!! I'm not surprised actually. What a beautiful space you've created. Although I'm not a big fan of gardening - I have a phobia of a certain bug that keeps me from really getting into it - I can understand why some people LOVE it. Your garden reflects your beautiful artistic nature.

  7. Wow, what a beautiful transformation. I love how you have sitting areas to rest and contemplate the day, and the flowers. It's quite an oasis. My favorite flower would be the hydrangea. We have two hydrangea bushes, and I love their summer blossoms.

  8. Thanks a million, Kim! I can absolutely understand the bug phobia!! My terror is the 8 legged variety-I usually wear gloves for protection;)

    Joanne-thank you so much, too:) I also love hydrangeas-and I wish I could have one here but I think it's too cold. My grandma had a huge blue hydrangea in her yard-and I remember it was so beautiful. I bet yours are gorgeous!

  9. I love peonies and roses and anything that climbs. Whether or not I can grow them remains to be seen.

  10. I love peonies and roses too. I don't have any peonies though but I do have a rose called Blaze that both of my grandmothers had-mine came from my mom:) When you get settled in your new home Tina, you should try growing both:)