Saturday, June 4, 2011

In Amy’s (Climbing) Shoes

A couple days ago, my daughter Amy’s rock climbing class went on a field trip near Vantage, Washington to climb a rock formation known as the Feathers.

Rock climbing is a great sport.  It is helping to teach Amy self reliance and it boosts  her confidence.  She is constantly trying to improve her skills and challenge herself-and she is getting better and stronger each time she climbs. 

Here she is-in the tan shirt-sizing up the rocks.

Amy begins her first climb.

Almost half way up.

When I look at these photos I almost bust my buttons!  Amy looks like a real pro!

Amy at the top. 


I am so proud of her-and not only that, I am so inspired by her! It makes me hope that I can learn to be more like her!!

Now, if only I wasn’t so afraid of heights…


  1. Wow, kudos to Amy for challenging herself like this. You can really see her focus and determination in the photos. I think that in doing something like this, she's learning so much more than rock climbing. There's confidence building and awareness and stamina, and the list goes on. A very impressive feat!

  2. Thanks Joanne! I am really impressed with what she has accomplished-and the list of benefits certainly does go on and on:)

  3. Wow, that was really high! Very impressed!

  4. I was nervous, but very impressed too!

  5. Inspirational is right. I don't have any athletic promise whatsoever. I love that Amy is fearless enough to do something like this. Who knows what her future holds. It's a very exciting prospect though!

  6. Kids teach us a lot! I love vantage .. I did not know they climbed there. WoW • I'm impressed!

  7. That is impressive. Makes me want to learn how to climb. She is an inspiration.

  8. Holy cow! She's brave! I don't think I could do that, either!

  9. Thanks, all of you.

    Rock climbing is such a great sport! I am inspired to try it myself, too. There is a rock wall at the university in town and some of the routes go more vertical than horizontal so height wouldn't even be an issue for me-and Amy said that it isn't necessary to have a lot of arm strength either-that a lot of the technique has to do with finding the right finger and foot holds.

    The area where Amy's class went was truly gorgeous! There are a lot of great places to climb around here.