Saturday, June 18, 2011

Five Minute Makeover

frame 2


I found this wooden  frame at Goodwill a week ago.  It was new, but it had a decidedly vintage feel to it with the beading around the edge, and at $1.99 I couldn't pass it up.


I knew with a nice coat of paint, it would definitely look like a frame straight out of the 40’s or 50’s.   I chose a color called Key Lime (paint was around $4).  In about 5 minutes-the transformation was complete!


I love the way it turned out!

Have you ever transformed a thrift store find?  I’d love to hear about it-I’m always looking for new ideas!



  1. Love your frame, so charming! I have one of those older picture frames that has cut-outs for several photos. We found a wallpaper that showed all different types of country doorways that we really liked, but the paper was too busy for an entire room of walls. So we got a good size sample of the paper and cut and inserted different doorways into the cut-outs in the frame for a nice effect. It makes an interesting framed decoration.

  2. Thanks Joanne-and I love your idea! Very, very clever! I'd love to see a picture some day, because it is a great way to use wallpaper that you like-without doing a whole room in it-or, in my case, I have some smaller pieces that I didn't know how to use-until now:)

  3. Oh very cute! It turned out great!

    I finished my bag. Well, mostly. I still need to sew in the pockets and the very bottom of the lining. Yeah, that was supposed to be done in process but I screwed up and now I have to do those things by hand. But it looks quite cute even if the bottom is a little wonky. Next up - a teepee for the boys!

  4. Lisa-I want to see a picture of your bag! I bet it's cute!!

    Your boys will love having a teepee too. Maybe the apron lady can help out making it ;)

  5. I am constantly spray painting yard sale finds. REcently I was looking for two lamps at garage sales and happened to find two matching free ones on the side of the road. They are now on the side tables in our living room just waiting to be painted. Love the key lime!

  6. I love finding stuff on the side of the road! I found a table in New York when we lived there, and I painted it periwinkle blue. When we moved, we couldn't take it, so I set it back out on the side of the road and it was gone immediately:) I'd love to see your lamps:)