Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Avast, Me Hearties

Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

This day, not only do me mark th' passage 'o another year 'o me life, but this day be also international speak like a scurvy pirate day. Either way, a scowl 'n an arrrrr be in order. If ye’d like to spy wit' ye eye ye moniker translated into a scurvy pirate moniker, ye can take 'tis quiz. I guarantee it be pretty silly, but I like me moniker fer this day!

After ye take th' quiz, then be tellin' me what ye moniker be if ye like, me bucko!

Mad Mary Flint


  1. Tis' Black Bess Bonney talkin' at yer... arrr ye tellin' me you's born on a ship at sea? That'a explain all ♥

    Arrrr ye 29 again?

  2. Ahoy! Ye be right, me bucko! Water be in me blood. I love yer pirate name!

  3. Yup, my husband was talking like a pirate all morning!

  4. Lisa-does he need a pirate costume? ;)

  5. Melissa, I love yer pirate name! Thanks fer playin' along! Yo ho ho!!

  6. I think my name changes based on my mood.

    When I took the quiz this year it said my name is:

    Red Jenny Bonney

  7. Tina, I've noticed the same for myself,and what really mystifies me is that lately I'm terribly attracted to skulls and cross bones and other pirate paraphernalia! Arrrr!