Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fair and Rodeo Weekend: Part One


It’s official.  Summer is over.  Amy went back to school today, and to keep my mind off of missing her, I thought I’d finally get the pictures from the busy rodeo weekend posted.

There are lots of photos here, so if you want, go grab a cup of coffee or tea.  Enjoy!


The royal rodeo court in their bright white outfits.  A nice contrast to all of the denim and dust.


3 What the well dressed sheep is wearing this year.

4Only in a western town like Ellensburg-chimneys that look like saddles!


 5The dog show.  I loved them all.

6 When in Rome…

7This horse was waiting patiently for his rider to show up during slack-the competition to choose the finalists who get to compete in the actual rodeo.  I wonder if he was watching the other horses and riders and taking mental notes?



At first I was amused by this cowboy talking on his phone while riding, and then I noticed the anchor brand on his horse!  Very Snapshot Sailors!

11 This boy managed to stay on for the entire ride.  More than I can say for some of the adults who gave it a try.

12Every one of these roses was gorgeous, and the scent was heavenly, too!



  1. I had to do a double take on the zebra sheep ;-)

    What a fun time!

  2. Ooooh I LoVe the Ellensburg Rodeo!!! We missed it this year .. too many irons in the fire. Thanks for the virtual tour! My momma was a rodeo queen & barrel raced .. her brother was a clown for bull riders & rode the pro circuit .. it's in my blood ... ♥

    is it fall there yet .. we are starting to have the crisp in the air ... I love it!

  3. Lisa-this is the first year I've seen those sheep coats! There were some pretty wild ones:)

    Lisa-Yesterday, I spied a few leaves that had turned already, and I was filled with excitement because I love fall too!

    What wonderful stories your momma and uncle must tell! My mother dated a bull rider-she said he was nice but a little loopy too! I guess he'd been thrown off a few times too many!

    Maybe next year we can meet up at the rodeo:)

  4. What fun this would be. If only we had such cultured events in our parts. If there is anchor to be seen I'm sure you will see it Valerie:)

  5. How fun!

    I wonder what outfit I would wear to this event...