Tuesday, September 11, 2012



The last few weeks I’ve been a bit like the bee in the picture above.  Busy with houseguests, getting Amy ready for back to school, and doing home and garden work.  What I haven’t done in ages is sew.  Today, that’s exactly what I plan to do.  I’ve missed it.


To mark the end of summer, and to make room for some of the new fall bags I have planned, I’ve put this little sunflower mini messenger bag on sale in my Etsy shop.


These two sweet  little friends of the sunflower bag are on sale as well!   


The end of summer makes me feel a little sad, until I feel that first hint of chill in the air, signaling the coming of fall.  I love fall!  And even though I know these sunflowers will soon wither and go to seed, they hold the promise of a whole new crop that will appear in my garden next spring, ready to welcome the busy bees of summer once again.



  1. You are the busy bee, already producing beauty...!

  2. Love those bags - so cute! I cannot WAIT for summer to finally be over. Our temps were in the 90s again today and I was quite displeased! Bring on fall!!!

  3. Thank you Dawn!!

    I agree Melissa! It finally cooled down here, but a thunder storm over the weekend created 95 new fires and now we are shrouded in smoke again. No relief until it snows.

    Thanks Tina! The birds are loving the seeds now:)