Friday, September 28, 2012



This morning, filled with despair over the current state of my hair, I grabbed a pair of scissors and chopped several inches off the length.  I don’t think I did too bad of a job, and besides, my hair is very curly.  I can get away with uneven.

It made me recall though, a haircut years ago, when Amy was a baby, and I guess I’d read too many articles about the ease of super short hair for busy moms.  My hair was shoulder length at the time, and I figured that getting a pixie cut would be just about as easy care as I could get.  Are you sure?  My hairdresser asked, with deeply furrowed brow.  I assured her with a confident Yes! as visions of my cute pixie cut self-now transformed into the coolest mom on the block-ran through my head.

By the end of the haircut, I was probably in shock.  The paramedics may even have been called.  I don’t remember.  Everything is a blur now, as it was then.  Leaving the shop, I fought to keep the tears at bay, my pace brisk in hopes of getting home as quickly as possible before running  into someone that I knew.  And as for the haircut freeing me up to be super mom?  Hardly.  I must have spent hours in front of the mirror, trying to figure out a way to salvage what was left of my hair, and my self esteem, while Amy screamed for attention in the back ground.

Luckily, bad haircuts grow out.

So I think I did ok after all today, playing beauty parlor at home.  I’m writing this, instead of standing in front of the mirror, obsessing over the damage I’ve inflicted on myself.  But tell me.  What was your epically worst haircut ever?


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  1. It happened in 2002 or 2003 when I was in grad school. I had been wanting to get a cute cut and couldn't figure out which one to get. My mom came down to visit and we went to the beauty parlor. I was still debating on what I wanted when she saw a hairstylist walk by liked her cut. "You should get that kind," my mom said. I did. I hated it. It was horrific. I went home and cried. My mom and I tried to fix it, but I was still crying. My daughter - then 2 - went up to my mom and said, "You made my mommy cry!" LOL. Worst haircut ever.

  2. In college I went to a beauty school. I wanted my hair shoulder length. The girl couldn't get it even. She trimmed and trimmed and finally I stopped her when one side was chin length and the other 2 inches shorter. I had to go get it fixed.

    Thanks for linking up with Rural Thursday yesterday!!

  3. Oh I am sorry laughing is probably not nice but I am thinking of the paramedics coming.
    I am thinking you look fabulous. I thought I was good at cutting my hair and still get that probably bad urge to cut it every once in awhile. My Hero came home one day and said you my want to go to a hairdresser and get that fixed.He was smiling but I know it was true. B

  4. Melissa-that's so cute, your daughter telling off your mom-in her sweet little 2 year old voice! I'm glad your haircut grew out like mine did!

    Lisa-I gave my older sister a "haircut" once and the same thing happened. The worst part was that she couldn't see what I was doing and I didn't have the heart to tell her what I'd done...

    I'm looking forward to linking up again! :)

  5. Buttons-I really should go to a hair dresser too LOL! I'm embarrassed to go though, but I guess if they ask who cut my hair I could always lie...

    Your Hero sounds like a great guy!!

  6. I cut everyone's hair here at home, and usually my own as well but a few years ago, when I was having an epically bad run of movement problems and had really long hair I decided it would be better short. Like spiky short. Since I wasn't able to drive it just seemed logical to do it myself.

    Big, HUGE mistake. My hands were going one direction whilst my head was going another...

    I'm sure you can imagine the results, lol.

  7. In junior high I had the feathered do Ally Sheedy had in The Breakfast Club, only instead of being a secretly beautiful pseudo goth weirdo, I was a chubby suburban preteen. Yikes.

  8. About 11 months ago my new salon girl squeezed in another client while leaving me to marinate in my color too long. After three days it started falling out in clumps, and in fear of forcing more hair out of my head, we haven't colored over the white-ish highlights but have been gently trying to blend them in. In revolt my hair has been growing the slowest ever, and the damage now cuts off at my ears, the rest of my long hair in various stages of damage. The alternative would have been a pixie cut.

  9. PS the new salon girl is no more. Obviously.

  10. oh so funny ♦ but I laugh with a gulp in my throat as it brings back painful memories of my own!

    Mark Twain says .. the difference between a bad cut & a good one is two weeks .. well a bit longer for my slow growing doo. :o) thanks for the good chuckle!!

  11. Jacquelineand-That was always my problem too-getting the hands and head coordinated! Why don't we ever learn? :)

    Cam-I wasn't much better. My hairstyle in high school can best be likened to a flying saucer...

    Tina-Oh Tina! How awful! It will grow out, eventually, but thank goodness that salon girl is gone! I think she needs to most definitely rethink her profession!!

    Lisa-great advice from Mark Twain! The funny thing is, after a couple months my hair grew out to one of the cutest styles I've ever had, but when I asked my hairdresser if she could keep trimming it to stay that way, she failed!! Alas...

  12. I can only pick one bad haircut -- there have been so many... :)