Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall in the Tropics


New in my shop, this autumn inspired bag!  I had a small piece of this scrumptious chocolate hued barkcloth left over from my dining room curtains-enough for this cute little purse.  In perfect Snapshot Sailor style, it’s got that great tropical attitude, but in colors that are perfect for the coming fall. 


This bag is something of a lucky charm, too.  It’s my first project using my new iron, which bigger and a bit clunky compared to my old iron.  As I was working on this sweet little bag, I wasted no time in knocking my new iron off my ironing board.  Miraculously-it landed hot side up and spared the rug in my sewing room!  I’ve “ironed” the rug a couple of other times before.  What a mess!

Hope you are having a great week, dear readers!


  1. Lisa-I love it too! That fabric was a good find!

  2. Scrumptious is truly the right word! Yummy ... and as curtains as well.

  3. Thanks Lisa! I love that the background color of the barkcloth is CHOCOLATE brown:)

  4. LOVE that barkcloth! And such a cute bag.
    Glad the new iron is ok after it's fall...been there, too. :)


  5. Thanks Kimberly! I couldn't believe I knocked the iron over the very first time I used it! Grrrrr!