Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Candy Corn Colors

blanket flowers and rake

Acrid, smokey air.  Temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s.  It hasn’t been feeling very much like fall yet.  But try telling that to my garden.  The signs that autumn has arrived are everywhere!  Red, yellow and orange-those candy corn colors abound, and the final flowers of fall, my asters, are in full bloom.




I found this friendly spider sitting on Amy’s pumpkin.  We only managed to produce one pumpkin this year-but what a beauty!  It just needs to turn a bit more orange, and then it will be front porch perfect!

Amy's pumpkin

A couple of months before my birthday, I treated myself to a couple of pieces of Fiesta ware in the vintage Happy Pumpkin pattern.  I think it’s about time I set them out, and fill that bowl up with candy corn too!  Now where did I put those black taper candles?

Happy Halloween

Happy pumpkins, and friendly spiders… I’m definitely feeling more fall-ish!  Maybe I’ll even rename Kona.  Candy Kona?  Or Candy Korna?

Candy Kona Well, let’s not get carried away.


Is it looking, and feeling like fall where you are?


  1. Indeed it is looking and feeling like fall here! The trees are just gorgeous - golds and reds and browns. I am just in awe whenever I see them.

    Temps are in the 70s, but are heading into the 60s later in the week. Yay!

  2. The colors of the turning trees always leave me in awe too! It's one of nature's best shows, I think!

    I say yay to cooler temps too!

  3. Oh Kona is beautiful and I like Candy Korna:)
    Your photos are beautiful. B

  4. LOL at your spiders. We have something similar hanging on our front door. Your pumpkin looks great!

  5. Gorgeous colors in your garden, and it looks like you are not alone in enjoying it, Valerie!

  6. Buttons, thanks! I wish Kona would warm up to the idea a little more. I thought it was a pretty cute name too!

    Thanks Lisa! I can't wait to do even more Halloween decorating!

    Thanks Dawn! It's good to have friends:)

  7. I love Fiestaware, although I only have one lone cobalt blue cup and saucer. I've never seen that Halloween pattern -- very kewl. :)

  8. Nancy, I agree Fiestware-and Happy Pumkin are very kewl!! Does your cobalt cup and saucer need company? :)

  9. ooh, loved that...friendly spiders! haha!
    your pumpkin looks great, great fall colours in your garden as well.

    what a cute little pup.

    first time here, your blog is super awesome!

  10. betty-thank you so much! Fall is definitely my favorite season!

    I'm so glad you stopped by today:)

  11. Very much so. Our trees are turning colors. The temps are cooling down. My booties are out.