Monday, October 22, 2012

Friday Thrift Report


Last Friday, I went thrifting.  It had been months since my last trip.  So long, in fact, that I almost couldn’t remember the way to the thrift store.  Almost.

And right off the bat, I hit pay dirt.  A set of mid century Noritake china in the beautiful Esteem pattern.  Eight place settings, for forty-two bucks. 


Of course, the usual battle started in my head.  The one where my Simplify side starts to argue with the side of me that says Oh my goodness I can’t believe I found this!  I sent both sides outside, to duke it out while I considered whether or not I needed these dishes.  (Set of eight (8) place settings, $42.)

Like there was much to think about.

And then, it got even better!

I found this vintage red fiberglass tiki wall plaque for $1.99!  Wow!


Did I mention he’s a whopping 14” tall? Aside from being quite an eyeful, he’s big enough to win any argument!

When I got home, I did a little research on the internet and found a site selling Esteem for forty dollars per place setting, so I’d say I got a good deal.  And as for the tiki, he seems to be rather unusual-a once in a lifetime find, perhaps?  (Maybe that’s not such a bad thing…)  I haven’t picked out a place to hang him yet, but wherever he eventually ends up, he will be right at home with my other vintage Hawaiian decor.  (And I’m also happy to report that my family has recovered from their initial shock after I first showed him to them.)

So, it was a successful outing. 

Which reminds me.  I forgot all about those two sides of mine.  I guess I left them fighting in the thrift store parking lot.  I think I’ll just leave them there, though-for next time.


  1. Great finds! I can't believe you went so long without thrifting. I love your tiki!

  2. Great deal on the china! Sounds like it was a successful trip :)

  3. Lisa-it had been way too long! I was glad to strike gold-this was one of my best thrifting trips!

    Tammy-I was so excited to find them! I've always wanted some "good" dishes. I'm ready for the holidays now:)

  4. That was a real steal on the china, it's gorgeous!

  5. Your funny I can see them duking it out.
    I love that set it is lovely. Good by and now you can sell one place setting and get your money back awesome. Love the Tiki. B

  6. For the record, I'm in love with that tropical table cloth beneath your tiki god too. :)

  7. Thanks Jacqueline! I'm still amazed myself:)

    Buttons-great idea to sell a place setting, or two!! Then I could not only pay for the dishes, but get a nice tablecloth to go with them...

    Tina-Isn't it fun? Another good (but not so cheap) find:) My two sides were really having a discussion over it;)