Wednesday, October 10, 2012



Judging from appearances, it’s easy to forget that it really is fall.  The frost that covers the garden in the morning is melted away by the afternoon sun and 70 degree temperatures.


Pink flamingoes and blue skies.  What about orange and red and yellow?   My poor flamingoes.  Barely two years old, and they’ve just about lost their black bills.  I don’t think they are in any hurry for cold, cold weather and snow.


The wood is ready-a mix of old and new, past seasons and this present one, when the Maples were trimmed.  After the wild fires this summer, I can’t say that the idea of having a fire in the fire place is all that appealing.


Even the sunflowers think it is still summer.  As quickly as one fades away, another blooms in its place.


Lovely Kona, with her russet autumn colored coat. She loves the snow, but she also loves to run on bare grass, playing with her favorite outdoor toy-a rattling dried gourd left over from last year.

A reminder of what awaits in November…


3 trees


big red tree

Isn’t this tree glorious? 

I’m happy to report that after nearly a week of smoky air, it’s clear today and we are breathing more easily.  Amy is also feeling better and she is just about over her bout with pneumonia.

Happy Wednesday, my dear readers!


  1. Oh I am so happy about your daughter.
    Love the photos and it feels like winter here today but with rain. Not looking forward to that white stuff yet. Love Kona. B

  2. Hooray for clearer air, and I'm so glad to hear Amy is feeling better. That red tree is gorgeous!!

  3. Your photos are amazing. Those trees are all spectacular. One thing we can not enjoy here in Hawaii - fall colors. I am so glad to hear the air is finally clearing, that must be horrible. We have had very bad VOG here the past few days, making breathing hard for a lot of people, but nothing like what you are going through. Also glad to hear that Amy is finally feeling better. That must have been no fun at all.
    I still can't get over those tree pics - they are unreal! Oh, and Kona is as cute as ever too!

  4. Beautiful trees! Our trees are gorgeous right now, though a lot of them dropped their leaves over the weekend.

    I'm so glad Amy is feeling better. Hurrah!

  5. Thanks Buttons! We'll be getting the white stuff ourselves before too long-probably in a few weeks! It's hard to imagine when it's so summery out right now!

    Lisa-Thanks too! Isn't that red tree something else?!!

    Lisa-I'm sorry you guys are having crummy air issues too. It's not fun, no matter what the cause. And thanks for your kind words, too!!

    Melissa-I love the fall colors, but they never last long enough, do they? Before too long it's bare trees for the next several months. Thanks for your sweet comment about Amy! :)

  6. I'm glad your daughter is doing better; it's so rough when our babies are sick. I have to agree with Lisa; the red tree is gorgeous!

  7. That look on Kona's face is priceless. I love those tree images, and it's a good thing Anna is recovering. Have a beautiful week, Valerie!

  8. Thanks Jacqueline! That is so true:)

    Dawn, thank you too! Getting a good photo of Kona is as easy as nailing jello to the wall, as the saying goes! You have a beautiful week as well!!

  9. Wow. I didn't realize your daughter had pneumonia. That's scary. These pictures were great. My favorites were the sunflower, which looks like a tired Hawaiian dancer with floppy arms and the tree that lost one half of its leaves.

    Your dog is also very pretty. I love how Kona's coat gleams!

    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

  10. Those trees are gorgeous. The last photo is breathtaking!

  11. Such beautiful fall images! What a sweet-looking dog Kona is.
    What relief you must feel now that your daughter is better.

  12. Sara-Hawaiian dancer is a great description! It was scary with Amy when she couldn't breathe! She's much better now:)

    Our Neck of the Woods-that tree is stunning, I agree! It's even more vivid in real life!

    Thanks so much for visiting today!

    Pat-thanks so much for your sweet comments, and thank you for visiting too!

  13. Glorious indeed! have a wonderful day. Bshell

  14. BlueShell-thank you!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, too!

  15. Thanks Nancy! I can't wait to see that tree this year:)