Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Head of the Class


Front porch

This past weekend, I went to a surplus auction held by the local university.  Most of what I saw inside the large warehouse where the auction took place was either stuff that students leave behind when they vacate their dorm rooms, or extra equipment the university no longer needs-from kitchenware to spare pieces of pipe to office chairs.  I was heart broken to see many doors and windows salvaged from yet another grand old home in town that had been demolished.  I’m not sure why the doors and windows were at the auction-but the university must have owned the home and wanted the land for something else.

Anyway, I’m off track.  There was a collection of items outside the warehouse that were available for purchase-and so I grabbed one of these old school desks.  It only cost $1!   Long ago, there was an elementary school located on campus where education majors could get practical teaching experience.  I can almost see Beaver Cleaver sitting at this desk!

I put my new school desk on my front porch as a little table.  I like that I can eat lunch out there (on one of my vintage school lunch trays)  and store my books or magazines underneath on the lower shelf-just like a school kid would.

I like the fact that this little desk is living a useful life beyond what it was made for.  And I like the fact that even though it’s a bit rough around the edges, it is still a well made piece of furniture-as sturdy as the day it first graced a classroom in the 1960’s or so. 

If and when I “graduate” to something else in the way of a porch table-I will pass this on to someone else-for free this time.  I think I will have easily gotten my money’s worth out of it!




  1. What a nice find! I love using pieces like that, they give a vintage whimsy to the look of the room, and make a great conversation piece too.

  2. What a cute little desk! I remember sitting in those myself.

    So I'm brainstorming as to what your story will be for the gluttony prompt. I foresee pie. Am I right? Do tell! :-)

  3. bravo! What fun! Can you imagine being little enough to sit there.. without banging your knees!!
    I love your front porch... great colors!

    ♥ happy spring....

  4. Thanks Lisa-it's funny, but I thought about a pie eating contest for this one, and I also have an idea using more tales of my grandmother Helen...there is a pretty good pie story about her...hmmm...I need to start writing! Can't wait to read what you come up with:)

    Thanks Lisa-we would definitely bang knees now wouldn't we!
    Happy spring to you too:)

  5. I love this! And wow, at a $1, what a bargain! I remember having school desks like that, actually, in elementary school. Guess my school district wasn't big on "upgrades." LOL.

    It looks adorable in your porch...

  6. This makes a perfect porch table! I love old school furniture, and you definitely got your money's worth! :)

  7. Thank you both! :) I just couldn't pass one of these cuties up!
    Amy tells me stories of how new desks and chairs break all the time at her school, and it makes me sad because the old stuff is still good and so much better quality. A coat of paint would be a lot cheaper than more new furniture that will just break too. I guess it's my gain though-I like my desk:)

  8. Oh Valerie I wish I could have gone to that auction. I would have bought one of the doors. I've been wanting something like that to make a headboard with!! And what a great purchase that desk!!! I am simply salivating at the idea. I would have bought two - one for each kid. LOVE it!

  9. Kim-a few years ago I bought an old door to use as a headboard because I think it's the cutest idea! Stuart laid claim to it though and used it on an armoire he made for me. I couldn't complain because the armoire is beautiful. (I'll take a picture sometime!)

    I wish I'd had a way to send you two desks-they would be perfect for your boys:)

  10. Love it. I think it would make a cute endtable too.

  11. It would indeed Tina! Great idea:)