Saturday, May 21, 2011

Picturing Palm Trees

A few years ago I found my first palm tree photo and a new collection was born.  Since then I’ve found or have been given a few more, including some of my dear father taken during his time in the navy. 
I love these photos-and all old photos for that matter-for their depiction of people in different eras from today, simply  living their lives.  The glimpses into the past these pictures offer connect us to people we’ll never meet or times we’ll never get to live in-and I find that connection comforting.
Since today is rainy and cold, I thought it would be the perfect day to share my palm tree photo collection with you.  They are fun to look at, and they even help me feel like I too am in a tropical paradise somewhere-if only vicariously through the wonderful, mysterious people in the photos.
I’ve put any actual captions written on these photos in italics.  The rest of the observations are mine.  There are quite a few photographs here-so go ahead and get yourself something to drink  first-a cup of tea, or a Pina Colada perhaps, and enjoy!
I love their dresses.  I bet they were colorful!

Miami Beach, June 1942
“High Price! and Low Price!”

This is an old post card. Classic palm tree beauty!

I like how the photographer included a bit of his or her car in this one.

Lee Shatson at Pago Pago
February 1946

I love those swimsuits!  I was lucky enough to come across an old 1940’s pattern for suits just like these!

Roaring glamour in this photo!  I love the women’s hats and coats!

I bet these two were best friends-was the soldier home on leave, I wonder, or the first of the two to join up?

My dad on Guam.  

Anyone recognize where this was taken?  I’m not sure.

This photo appears to have been taken around the turn of the century-in the teens perhaps.  I’m glad there were palm tree lovers back then!

Tobe Boyd in Los Angeles California August 1937

This looks like Waikiki.

I’ve taken a palm tree photo from this angle too-a connection!

These two look like a couple of nice high school boys.  I bet they were nice to their mothers, too.

Roger and Shirley March 30-1953

A reunion of some kind, is my assumption about this one.

Snow on palm tree is written on the back, and you can see the tiny white dots of snow flakes in the foreground too.

I love her sun glasses, and her smiling face.

My dad.  What a cutie pie!

We can only wonder who these two were.  They are dressed so nicely.


Two photos taken on Guam by my father.


  1. What a beautiful collection you have. I like the idea of telling so many life stories with a palm tree background in each, actually connecting the photos together too. Hm, I think you have the makings of a book here :)

  2. How fun that you collect palm tree photos!

  3. Thanks Joanne-and I never thought about that connection-that the photos all have palm trees in them:) I agree-these photos sure would inspire a great book!

    Thanks Lisa-it's always fun to find another to add to my collection too:)

  4. These are very, very cool. Each one has a story to it. You could even write a book of short stories based on each photo!

  5. Thanks Melissa! Wouldn't that be a fun project!!

  6. Great pics. I love looking at old photos, even if it's of people I don't know. For some reason... full on sport jackets and suits just don't seem to blend very well with palm trees. I bet if they could have traded them in for a pair of Birdwells, they would have been much more comfortable in Paradise!! :O)


  7. Wow. I like looking at old pictures.

    I should see if my grandfather has some palm trees in his collection of pictures, which I inherited.

    He created this really great album of Orlando, Florida where he lived for quite awhile. It shows dirt roads and and livery, where horses and buggies could be rented.

    I agree with Melissa. You should write stories based on these pictures. I like the one where the couple is hugging the palm:~)

  8. Thanks Lisa! Stuart said "Birdies" were really popular among his friends when he was in high school. I was impressed, because I had never heard of Birdwells before. Now I know:)

    Thank you too Sara:) I bet Florida was beautiful when those pictures were taken. I've never been there, but it's on my list of places to visit. And isn't that palm tree hugging couple cute?

  9. I thought I'd give it another shot. I'm having a hard time commenting on a lot of blogs today. Frustrating! Hope you are having a great day.

  10. Loved these. What a fantastic collection!

  11. Anyone recognize where this was taken? I’m not sure.

    This is San Juan - Puerto Rico

  12. Photo #10
    "Anyone recognize where this was taken? I’m not sure."

    San Juan - Puerto Rico

  13. Thank you so much for the info!