Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Murphy’s Law Should Be Illegal!

Vintage Bag

Several years ago I found this great vintage 1940’s rayon bag.  I loved the design and told myself I would try to figure out how it was made so that I could make a pattern and then sew it in barkcloth for my Etsy shop.

From time to time, I would take the bag out of the drawer I kept it in, and puzzle over it-manipulating a piece of fabric trying to recreate the side pleats and general shape of the bag.

Finally, a couple months ago, and years after I bought the bag-I figured it out!

Vintage Copy

I was really pleased with myself, too. I made three copies of the original, using a pretty primitive pattern-and once the bags were cut out of fabric, I had to trim bits and pieces off in places to make everything come out right.

And then, I found this-and I was so excited!  But I had to laugh.  Murphy’s Law, I said to myself.  I would have to find the pattern after I figured the bag out on my own.  But still, it was going to be nice having a “standard” pattern to use for future bags.


Pattern detail

As I sat with my new pattern on my lap, taking out piece after piece, I started to have a sinking feeling.  And sure enough, Murphy's Law had struck again.  Every single piece was there except the one I bought the pattern for!

So… back to square one.

Please tell me your Murphy’s Law stories-it will make me feel better.



  1. LOL! Oh no...isn't that just the way it goes? But I admit, I am in awe that you figured out the pattern just by looking at the finished piece. I could never do that!

  2. Oh that is SO Murphy's Law. But at least you had already figured out the pattern. The bag you made looks gorgeous. I can't think of a Murphy's Law story off the top of my head. But I'm planning on planting my vegetable garden this weekend, so if Murphy's law comes knocking, it'll be pouring rain outside ... I'll let you know :)

  3. Thank you both! Isn't it amazing how many times Murphy's Law holds true? And I wonder, who was Murphy anyway? I have to admit-even though I was irritated about the pattern-I had to laugh too:)

  4. Oh yes. I've bought plenty of things from thrift stores to find them missing an essential piece. Most recently last week, when I bought the cutest treehouse for the boys. what I didn't notice in the store was that it was missing the key piece that helped it stand up. So we got it home and it just flopped over. At least I only paid $1 for it!

  5. Oh dear, Lisa! I'm glad you only paid a dollar too! I bought Amy the game "Mousetrap" once-and the diving board was missing so the trap wouldn't work. Luckily I had two popsicle sticks and some tape handy:)
    Still-I wish Murphy, whoever he is, would just leave everyone alone!

  6. LOL You're right about Murphy's Law, but you did a marvelous of figuring things out. I'm impressed. I didn't realize you made the purses. They are very pretty.

    It's so amazing how multi-talented bloggers can be.

  7. I am still in awe that you sew! And that you figured out how to make something just by looking at it. In awe I tell you! Gorgeous pieces you have in your shop!

  8. Kim-I think I love you ;)

    I'm glad I stuck with sewing, and that I went on to major in apparel design. It was a grueling program, but I came away with good skills in pattern making-not bad for someone who scored low on the spatial relations part of those awful aptitude tests kids had to take in elementary school. And I'm also glad I'm putting my degree to some practical use now:)

  9. Oh no!Yes Murphy's Law SHOULD be illegal

  10. Especially when it comes to vintage patters:)

  11. I have been through your etsy shop more than once. I adore the vintage flavor you have for everything.

  12. Valerie,

    I stopped by yesterday and could read your post, but couldn't leave a comment. It was a delightful story...I think for TRDC? Anyway, it was excellent:~) I love you mix your own family history into your fiction!

  13. Thank you Sara! There seem to be some Blogger problems, as now my last two posts have disappeared. I was going to post my latest for TRDC but I can't:(

    I'll be paying your blog a visit again soon-I like seeing what's new with you:)

  14. Recently, I purchased an antique crystal ship's decanter to give as a retirement gift for a brandy loving friend. I had searched everywhere to find just the right decanter and was over the moon when I found this one. The decanter had some watermarks inside, but it was beautiful Wedgwood and reasonably price. I thought I would just bring it home, wash it, dry it, then it would be as good as new. Wrong! I tried everything to get rid of the watermarks and nothing worked--not Efferdent, nor vinegar, nor CLR, nothing! Did I say that it was non-returnable and I had also purchased new Brandy snifters to match? Murphy's Law!