Tuesday, May 3, 2011

No Matter How You Slice It

I want to go outside today.  Really, I do.  But it’s cold, and the wind is supposed to pick up.  Even the weeds are hiding.

So I decided to take a poll on my blog instead.

Here is my question for you.  How do you like your sandwich sliced?  Diagonally, or side to side?  Or can you happily eat a sandwich sliced either way?


Amy prefers her sandwiches sliced straight across from side to side, while I prefer mine cut diagonally.  When I asked Stuart, he looked at me like I’d really lost my mind and left for work.

Let me know. 

(Images sourced from the internet-because I was too lazy to make and slice my own sandwiches this morning.)


  1. LOL. I cut my own down the middle. But for the boys I do triangles.

  2. I like to bite the little end points off of each half. I'm thinking what I really need to do is go outside, even if it is cold:)

  3. Diagonal. And it's even better if the crust has been trimmed off.

  4. "Open-facer-one-piece-no-cutter". Is that a choice?

  5. Dang ... that BLT looks really good !

    Hope your weather warms up soon.


  6. Open face-I hadn't thought about that option-but most definitely a choice Lisa! I'll have to try to find a picture of one- maybe even a BLT!

    Looks like you are having more thunder and lightening today in Honolulu!

  7. Men just don't get it! I am very exact about my preference when it comes to sandwiches. I always forget about the diagonal cut - I think I like it the best. But usually these days, I have to cut into three or four strips (everything needs to look like chicken nuggets) and I do a happy dance if it gets eaten. I just about threw a party because Deaglan ate a grilled cheese the other day. In my wild, wild fantasies, he's happy with a peanut butter sandwich. Ahhh, one can dream!

    You had me laughing out loud with your comments on my shoes. Just about every woman within a 50 yard radius came to our table at the restaurant and drooled over them!

  8. You might have lost your mind, but I won't judge. you can have a room in my hospital if you want to... ;)

    I don't mind either way. As anal as I am about things being just this way, some things just don't phase me. So, I cut my bread like I feel.

    my daughter on the other hand, gets triangle sandwiches at school, and at 2 and a half, she will not eat a square or rectangle sandwich. Fickle, is th eword that comes to mind. Bread is just bread, isn't it?

    Cut my bread as you like, but don't play around with how my cupboards are organised.

  9. Kim-grilled cheese, cut on the diagonal is just about the best there is! And may I borrow those divine shoes!!

    Keda-I might need a room in your hospital if the weather doesn't improve here. A nice comfortable bed, where I could eat my diagonal sandwiches and write my crazy thoughts down on paper;)

    What I should do is to go straighten my cupboards-they are in a very disorganized state-I'm not even sure where the bread is, right now!

    Your little girl sounds cute:)