Monday, May 16, 2011

Wet Weekend

Last night I reposted two posts that Blogger mislaid-please read if you missed those-

And today- we are still cleaning up in the wake of the flooding in Ellensburg yesterday.   Saturday night, our fair city received almost two inches of rain in just a few hours.  It was more precipitation than the storm drains around town could handle,  forcing the water to go elsewhere.  Like our basement.  We woke up yesterday morning to about three inches covering  the basement floor.  We spent the day pumping and shop vacuuming it out.

flood 1

flood 2

flood 3

Photos taken around town. Water was over many of the roads which is unusual here because it doesn’t rain very often (or so much) in Ellensburg.

It will take a few more days to completely finish cleaning up, but I am not complaining.  I know there are people in other parts of the US who have really had a tough time.  My heart goes out to them.

On a brighter note, here are a few photos of my garden-which loves the rain!  Everything is growing fast, and I know that in just a couple more weeks many plants will be blooming!

red glass birdbath 

rake and bottle garden

cherry tree 

bird bath

sun dial

We got this wonderful sundial from Stuart’s grandfather’s estate.  I love that it  says “I Count Only Sunny Hours.” 

Pretty good philosophy, isn’t it!



  1. How sad about the flooding.
    I love all your plants!

  2. Thanks Lisa-I love my garden-it's a source of a lot of happiness for me:) When we bought this house the back yard was just dirt. The previous owners had parked their cars there. It's been fun making it nice again.

  3. O I'm so sorry to hear about this Valerie! What a terrible thing to wake up to water in your house. I do however admire your gardening skills.

  4. Ugh. Water in the basement is never a good thing. Sorry you have to spend your Sunday pumping water out! But so glad that you didn't have a lot of damage.

    Your garden is glorious. I wish I had a gardener's thumb, but I only have three potted flowers in the front of my house and I can barely keep up with them. LOL. But, hubby has planted a huge garden with lettuce and tomatoes and lots of other glorious vegetables. Can't wait to reap the fruits of his labor! ;-)

  5. Thanks Kim and Melissa! I was happy that it didn't rain today like it was supposed to. I even went out and planted some bamboo. Melissa-your hubby's garden wull be so nice-home grown tomatoes-yum!!

  6. Love your sundial. Glad we don't have basements here. Stay Dry!

  7. It seems like Mother Nature's been really busy in recent months, sorry about the flooding there. Hope the basement dries out soon! We're expecting 5 days straight of precipitation, starting yesterday. According to meteorologists, we haven't experienced 5-day precip since January 2010. And I just planted my tomato seedlings, hope they survive the deluge :/

  8. So sorry Valerie! Hopefully things will be back to normal soon! Your yard is beautiful-and that sundial is wonderful! I've been looking for one for my yard, love it! :)

  9. Thanks Lisa-so far no more water:)

    Joanne-I hope your tomatoes will be ok! Every year after we plant ours the wind comes along and strips all of their leaves off, and we have tomato sticks!

    Thanks Crystal:) I am ready for nice gardening weather to be here-hopefully soon:)

  10. I am sorry to hear about your basement.

    On a sunnier note, love those bottles in your garden. Sometimes it is the simple things that are the most beautiful.

  11. Thanks Tina. The bottles are pretty when the sun shines on them too:)