Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Birthday

Baby July 1 1914

My Uncle Pete was born on July 1, 1914-and if he were still alive he would be 98 today.

I’m thankful to have several pictures of him as a boy-interesting not only because I am his niece, but also for a glimpse into the way the world was back then.

Roly young

Pete around the age of three.


Roly and Carl circa 1918

Pete with his older brother Carl, circa 1918.


The least I can do today is to have a piece of cake in his honor…

Happy Birthday Pete!


  1. A young man, forever...happy birthday, Pete!

  2. Lovely pictures as well as a reminder of the legacy that inspired your blog. Happy birthday, Pete.

  3. Thank you Dawn! He is young forever-what a wonderful thought!

    Lisa-cake is always a fitting way to celebrate!

    Tracy-thanks!! I hope I am doing Pete proud:)

  4. A Canada Day baby:) Happy belated birthday to your beloved Uncle!!

  5. A Happy Belated Birthday to Pete. My great-granddad served in the US Army during WWII. He was badly wounded but survived. He died in 1970 and I never met him but I like to think that I have a special connection with him. It’s something that not a lot of people understand. But by remembering him and those like your Uncle Pete, who sacrificed so much for us, is one of the most important things we could ever do.

  6. Kim-how fun! We have been watching Murdoch Mysteries-filmed in Toronto, I think-and now we want to visit Canada again:)

    Zim-I feel exactly the same way. We owe everything to those brave men, and the least we, and everyone else can do is remember what they sacrificed for us.

    I'd like to hear more about your great-granddad some time.