Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Monday!


I could hardly believe my eyes when I looked outside this morning and saw this duck in my galvanized tub!  He must have been blown off course by the storm last night, and landed in what turned out to be a very small pond. 

There I go again…

It’s Monday, and I’ve had too much coffee.

The truth is, I’ve had this duck, made by the Plasti-Duk decoy company, since I was a little kid.  We were living in Corvallis, Oregon at the time, and during a visit to the local sporting goods store, I saw “Ducky” as he would come to be known, and fell in love.

Over the course of many adventures (Ducky once got away from me when he was swimming in a fast moving stream and surely would have been carried away if not for a quick thinking teenaged boy with a large stick) and many moves, I’ve managed to hang on to Ducky.  Packed away, in some dark corner of the basement, he has always waited patiently until I think about him and start rummaging through boxes until I find him-happy to be reunited once again.

I don’t know why, but even after all of this time I still find Ducky so alluring, with his inflatable body and painted plumage as colorful and lifelike as the day I adopted him.  And if Ducky ever felt any bitterness over being denied the life he was meant to live-luring live ducks to the saucepan-he has never let on.

Yes, rubber Ducky, I am awfully fond of you.

Do you still have a beloved toy from your childhood?



The Plasti-Duk company was founded in 1956 and located in Klamath Falls, Oregon, not that far from Corvallis. Photo by Vintage Roadside on Flickr.



Three similar friends of Ducky selling online.  They have a value of around $25 each.


  1. you had me for a moment .. ha!

    well in this world full of chaos and change ... isn't grand that Ducky stays the same ...♥

  2. know I actually believed you, Valerie! Ha-hah!!!

  3. Love your ducky!!

    My mom just brought me the wooden puzzles from my great grandmother's house. I remember working them so well! They are all from the 70s and my favorite was a large cat with a red bow around his neck. My boys are enjoying working them now.

  4. I still have my favorite teddy, though he is disintegrating so I keep him safely tucked away. Butter Bear. My obsession with food started early. ;)

  5. Lisa-ducky is pretty realistic, all right. I wish more things were still made with the same quality as Ducky!

    Dawn-thanks for being part of my little charade today!

    Lisa-wooden puzzles are a great. Amy has one made by her great grandfather-a map of the world:)

    Tina-Butter Bear! What a wonderful name-it does have wonderful connotations! I hope he will be with you forever!