Monday, July 9, 2012

The Savvy Traveler


On her first trip to Paris in June, 1927, Clara treated herself to the Tarte Tatin at Polidor.  When the waiter-a mustachioed fellow wearing the longest white apron Clara had ever seen-inquired as to how Clara found the dish to be, Clara, eager to try out her French replied, "Ma valise a un oeil de verre!" (My suitcase has a glass eye!)

Perhaps those extra French lessons would have been a good idea.


travel pouch 


New in my shop!  Another little boxy zipper pouch, made from the most alluring retro mint green barkcloth and lined in a shockingly colorful circle print.  And for dessert? A snappy blue and white striped anchor zipper pull.

Great for travel.  French lessons optional.


  1. If I ever get to travel to France, I will make sure to bring one of your magnifique bags!

  2. LOL, Valerie, I am always sticking my foot in my mouth when I speak German.

    I so love those boxy pouches! They are adorable!!! Tres chic!

  3. Lisa-thank you! You are a sweetheart:)

    Dawn-Me too Dawn-when I speak English LOL! ;)

    Thanks for your nice comments! Encore about your work:)

  4. That picture is hilarious! As someone who suffered through college French, Clara has my deepest sympathies. Your pouches are adorable. I love how you photographed the first on the retro suitcase. And the dessert line was the perfect way to top it all off!

  5. Thanks Tracy! And I suffered through three years of high school French myself:) I wish I remembered more of it:)

  6. Even when I traveled, I didn't really attempt French. I learned fast...know the polite phrases, but don't pretend you can speak the language, if you can't.

    I love the material of the first bag. It has so much depth to it. It makes me want to reach out and touch it.

    Thanks for sharing your story about Clara and your beautiful bags.

  7. You are a true craftswoman - an artisan. Your pieces are beautiful.