Monday, July 23, 2012

Lovely Weekend


A few years ago, we planted a several raspberry vines, and up until this summer never got more than a smattering of berries.  This year however, we are simply swimming in them!  Yesterday, Amy and I made some raspberry jam-

raspberry lemonade

and Amy took a few leftover berries, pressed the juice out of them, and made her own version of raspberry lemonade.  It not only tasted good but what a pretty color, too!

Kona at the Lake

Saturday, we headed over to the lake early in the morning, before the crowds came, and let Kona swim and fetch her tennis ball.  We find it amusing that a dog who is afraid of a bucket full of water has no fear when it comes to leaping into a much vaster amount of H2O! 

The Lake

I Don't Want to go Home!

Kona clearly was not happy when it was time to go home!

ernie pyle

Yesterday afternoon we went downtown to one of the local used book stores, and I found this gem.  I’ve read some of Ernie Pyle’s work written during WWII, but this book is an account of the five years he spent touring the United States, meeting ordinary people and writing about them. (How about a junk yard owner who splatters his home with different colors of paint at night, just so he can see what it looks like in the morning, or Nimrod, the guy who made himself a set of bear teeth?)  The book is an interesting glimpse into the way America was from 1935-1940, and so far it’s an engaging and delightful read.


black eyed susan

And lastly, a story about the resilience and wisdom of Mother Nature.  There is a sunny spot in the back yard, right next to the garage.  The perfect spot, or so I believed it to be, when I planted some Black Eyed Susans there a few years ago.  I love these flowers.  They are are colorful, and cheerful, and usually hardy and can quickly take over an area.  But this wasn’t the case when I planted mine.  They barely hung on, withering in the heat and sun-and even with plenty of water to try to help them get settled into their new home, I came to accept the fact that they were not going to survive.

Fast forward a few summers, and now I have this!

black eyed susans

While they did not like the spot I originally chose for them, they have since found areas in the garden more to their liking and are now everywhere!  How this happened remains a mystery-a glorious, wonderful mystery!

May all of you have an exceptional week!


  1. I really want to learn how to preserve. It is on my to do list. I enjoyed all these pretty pics from your life. And that book was a terrific find.

  2. Tina-Thanks!

    I hope you do learn how to preserve! It really is easy and well worth the time that it takes to do it. I've been canning for quite a while and if you need advice I can help:)

    The book was a great find-Ernie Pyle was such a wonderful writer!

  3. Valerie, I'd love to visit your world. It looks so comfy and enjoyable!

  4. Yum on the jam! THat's awesome you have your own raspberries!

    Your flowers look beautiful. And the lake sounds so fun!

  5. It is a good berry year! We were up in Rainier and the Huckleberries are still green but abundant!!! mmmm....
    the raspberry lemonade looks marvelous!

    Garden is gorgeous.. looks like an English cottage ♥

  6. Dawn, I' love that too!

    Thanks Lisa! Some of the best things about summer:)

    Lisa, thanks! You know, I've never had a Huckleberry, and I want to try one, because I've heard they are good! And thanks for your garden comment because English cottage was exactly the look I was going for!

  7. Yum! Raspberry jam sounds delightful! We had chokecherry trees on our farm and my great aunt used to make chokecherry jam every year.

    That book sounds really fascinating - I will have to put it on my vast "to-be-read" list. :)

  8. Melissa-I've never had chokecherries, but I bet they are good! And you'll love the book-Ernie Pyle was quite a witty writer and I'm enjoying his sense of humor a lot!

  9. I'm so impressed with your raspberry jam! And as always your garden is gorgeous and authentic just like you.