Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Missed Pictures


While Amy and I are busy painting, I’ve come up with a fun question for all of you-inspired by the huge gray dove sitting in my tiny bird bath yesterday.  Of course, my camera was not close by, and as I quickly went to fetch it-I heard the inevitable from Amy…

Too late!  He just flew away!

How many times has the same scenario happened to you?  A great photo opportunity presents itself, but alas, your camera is no where to be seen?


Several years ago, I happened to look out my front window and there was a deer in the neighbor’s yard-one of the few times I did have my cameral close by!

Back to painting.  Now where did I leave my brush…


  1. As a person who takes lots of photographs, I can't tell how MANY times I've been sans camera at a "picture perfect" moment!

    I love your picture of the deer. At first, I thought it wasn't real. Given where I live, it's hard to imagine a deer standing next to a house fence.

    I hope it was summer:~) Where I live almost any other time, this beautiful creature would have been at serious risk, even my neighborhood! I think shooting a picture of him is so much better.

    I hope the painting and room renovations are going well.

  2. After I clicked the publish button, I suddenly saw your picture. Is it new or have just not seen it before.
    I really like it. It shows your personality so well...or, at least, I imagine you to be given your blog.

    The picture makes me smile. Thanks:~)

  3. This morning as the horses were running by at Chincoteague, the lady next to me said, "My memory card is full!" Now that would stink...

  4. Ah yes. And that burst of frustration you feel when you miss the shot is so aggravating!

    I've been able to get some pretty good shots of Slick (our cat) and his ridiculous yoga poses because he tends to stay in those poses for quite a long time. I think he knows he is being watched...

  5. exactly know what you mean!!! I've come to the conclusion .. to see animals don't bring your camera .. kind of like .. if you don't have your umbrella it rains.

  6. Sara-I think it was summer when I photographed the deer. I worried, because he seemed to be a long way from his natural environment. I worried about cars, and illegal hunters. Hopefully he made it home safely.

    My picture is new-a sort of alter ego version of me:)

    Lisa-that would stink big time!!

    Melissa-Sometimes Kona will smile showing all of her teeth in a big toothy grin-but just for a few seconds. I'd love to get a picture of that! And I'm sure Slick knows he is being watched, LOL! What a fun kitty!

    Lisa-I've thought about that too-the best wildlife picture opportunities seem to be when the camera is at home, or motel-like the bear in New York, or the moose in Alaska. Only memories, I'm afraid:)

  7. Now that would be neat to see - a deer in your front yard??? REally cool.