Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Water for Elephants

This past week, the extremely hot temperatures that have been plaguing so many other places finally came here, with highs of 105 and 106 degrees.

Keeping the garden watered has been a daily necessity.  Not only for the flowers, but for all of the birds and insects (and a dog or two) seeking refreshment and relief from the heat.

From conventional bird baths and an assortment of other containers…




blue dish

To a salvaged toilet tank lid, circa 1940…


There is water for all creatures, great and small.

Pachyderms welcome.

Happy Wednesday, my dear readers!  Has it been extremely hot where you are? 


  1. We finally got a cool down - only mid 80s here today! Your garden looks beautiful.

  2. We finally cooled off, too. Been in the high 80s or so. MUCH better. When I left for work this morning, it was actually cool outside. Can't wait until autumn gets here!

  3. We just got a cold spell again, Valerie...would love to have a warm breeze from your way.

    Your garden is luscious!

  4. Your garden is so lush and pretty.

    We just survived the heat wave. I plan on positing an amateur garden update soon.

  5. Lisa-I just read your post for today and I'm in tears! I am so glad you guys finally got the relief from the heat you guys deserve:)

    Melissa-I long for cool weather too!!

    Dawn-thank you! And I am sending some warm thoughts your way:) Hope you get some sunshine soon!

    Tina-Thanks Tina, and I can't wait to see your garden! I know you've been working hard on it and I know it will be pretty!

  6. Last week was almost unbearable around here but this week (of course I'm back to work) is gorgeous. Beautiful shots of your garden and an especially beautiful shot of you on the sidebar!!

  7. I never suspected a salvaged toilet lid could look so wonderful in a garden! I bet you could make an entire toilet look good out there with your creativity!

    We have had windy cool weather here, but I'm not complaining. It is always Paradise.

    Aloha Valerie!